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Heartland Dental Leaders Speak at 2016 ADSO Summit

April 29, 2016

PR Web – Rick Workman, DMD, Heartland Dental founder and Patrick Bauer, president and chief executive officer at Heartland Dental, LLC, the largest dental support organization in the country, recently spoke at the 2016 ADSO Summit. The event, held on April 20th – 22nd in Las Vegas, brought leaders of dental support organizations (DSOs) and
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Corporate Dentistry 2.0: Apex360’s special feature on dental support organizations (DSOs)

April 26, 2016

Dentistry IQ – An in-depth look at dentistry’s most important trend: The feature includes a definition and overview of DSOs by Kevin Cain, PhD, MBA; an executive roundtable; perspective from DSO dentists and hygienists; an exclusive interview with Apsen Dental CEO Bob Fontana; and an audience forum. See full article here.

Second Opinion: ADA supports competition, except in dentistry

April 26, 2016

Dr. Bicuspid – The American Dental Association (ADA) feels strongly that health insurance companies must be subject to the same competitive rules that apply to every other U.S. business. Every business except dentistry, of course. On Tuesday April 12, the ADA submitted written testimony to the U.S. Senate “urging committee members to re-examine the antitrust exemption enjoyed
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