Value of DSOs

The Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) serves a dynamic and growing industry, and specifically, our member companies who operate around the world supporting thousands of dentists who provide the highest quality of care.  Commitment to excellence is encoded in our DNA.

The values of the ADSO reflect the standards set by our members.  For example, membership in the ADSO requires adherence with a comprehensive Code of Ethics which can be found above.  The Code of Ethics is the starting point for communicating the values of DSOs.  Members demonstrate professionalism and share best practices through application of the Code of Ethics into everyday activities.

We strive to operate with transparency and integrity at every turn.  That integrity is on display through significant investments in the communities where member supported dentists practice.  Community involvement, innovative services and the highest standards for proven methods are the shared hallmarks of our industry.   Given the importance of these values, we invite you to explore this page including features on our members and their community engagement.