State Issues

ADSO members are vital to our advocacy efforts in sharing the DSO story with lawmakers and regulators, educating them about our industry.  We are sometimes faced with opposition equipped with half-truths or anecdotal stories about why DSO’s need to be regulated.   Like all areas of healthcare, the dental industry has evolved since many of the state Dental Practice Acts were first enacted.   By providing non-clinical administrative support, DSO’s are enabling dentists to focus on their patients, not paperwork.   The myriad issues and concerns relating to oral healthcare in the United States is outlined in the ADSO White Paper which also defines what a DSO does and does not do.

The strongest voices to explain and advocate for the DSO industry are ADSO members themselves and their supported dentists. On this page you will find our most recent activities and efforts in key states where ADSO is fighting to ensure DSO’s can continue to support dentists and dental practices.  We invite you to read and click through the legislation, challenges, and successes in each state and, where appropriate, engage.