Recognition for Enhancing the Patient Experience

Over the past 15 years, Dental Associates implemented a series of initiatives focused on delivering the most comprehensive, caring and modern patient experience possible. Led by the company’s CEO, Anthony Vastardis, the programs have helped Dental Associates to stay at the forefront of the industry.

“As the world is becoming more technologically advanced and patients are more informed they are expecting their healthcare to be more advanced as well,” said Vastardis. “We’re always looking for new ways to deliver the very best patient care and exceed consumers’ expectations.”

In 2003, Dental Associates began working with Press Ganey, a national leader in patient experience measurement and performance improvement solutions, to secure patient feedback. Patients receive a survey after their appointment and give ratings and provide comments on specific aspects of their visit, such as doctor-patient interaction, the facility, and quality of the dental team and support staff.

Listening to patients’ needs was only the beginning of Dental Associates’ transformation. In 2012, the company sought accreditation from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). Dental Associates underwent a meticulous evaluation process to ensure their clinics meet nationally-recognized standards for the delivery of quality healthcare set by the AAAHC.

In 2014, Dental Associates used the data gathered from Press Ganey surveys and began posting it online, becoming the first company in Wisconsin to debut online patient survey results that allows consumers to read individual doctor reviews. Each doctor profile page features an overall five-point rating for the doctor, nine ratings based on specific questions related to the patient’s interaction with the doctor, and comments from patients.

Dental Associates’ excellence in the Press Ganey evaluation and healthcare transparency led the company to receive the Leaders in Transparency Award in 2015—an award that honors innovative healthcare organizations that have implemented solutions to capture the voice of patients and have shared patient experiences online.

Advancements in patient care are not limited to discovering ways to better serve patients based directly on their feedback. Dental Associates also equips each of its clinics with the latest technologies. They recognize that dentists and staff can provide better care to patients when they have the best tools available, which is why the company has implemented the latest technologies, including the following:

  • Digital dental X-rays: 2002
  • Electronic Health Records: 2006
  • 3D panoramic X-rays: 2010
  • Using iPads to record medical history: 2011
  • Digital impressions: 2014

All of Dental Associates’ efforts manifest in recognition as “Best Dental Clinic” and “Best Orthodontist” by many of their clinic communities, including in Green Bay, Appleton and Fond du Lac.

The future looks bright for dental groups who dedicate the time and resources to ensuring their patient experience is modern, friendly, and always evolving.