October Advocacy Update

In late spring, the Office of the Inspector General of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission issued a report titled “Dental Service Organizations.” We appreciate the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) reaching out to representatives of the ADSO to obtain information regarding DSOs and the final report includes important aspects of the information provided by our association. Specifically, the Report provides a clear explanation of the non-clinical functions that may be performed by a DSO and acknowledges the importance of DSOs’ ability to reduce health care costs and recognizes that at all times licensed dentists remain responsible and accountable for the clinical aspects of dental care. There were several aspects of the report that offered opportunities for clarification or correction and the observations outlined in the letter linked here were offered to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission on behalf of ADSO. We appreciate the opportunity to comment on the OIG’s Report and especially its recognition of the significant benefits DSOs can provide to Texans if the market is allowed to work.

If you’ve been contacted by the Inspector General Office in your state to obtain information regarding DSOs or the OIG office releases a report that impacts your practice – our advocacy team is available to help evaluate and be of assistance if a response is needed.

In Wisconsin, Assembly Bill 318  and Senate Bill 258 continue to advance. The bills are identical and are agreed upon legislation with the Wisconsin Dental Association. The legislation ensures preservation of and access to patient records, clarifies that the business and administrative support functions provided by DSO’s are not subject to regulation by the Wisconsin Dental Examining Board and prohibits quotas.