Apex Revenue Technologies provides technology-based solutions and services that enable healthcare providers and dental organizations to improve revenue cycle results while also strengthening relationships with patients. We are inspired by the understanding that traditional, static billing and payment solutions are not achieving the results that providers need to resolve complex patient financial challenges.

What sets Apex apart is our specific insights into patient paying behavior. With more than 22 years of experience serving more than 15,000 healthcare and dental locations across the U.S., Apex helps providers understand their patient populations and how they pay – leveraging payment history, propensity and preference to match financial conversations to the unique profile of each patient to substantially increase payments, control costs and improve the patient experience. We provide a broad range of electronic payment, print & mail, and messaging and analytics services to drive better financial outcomes – not just for providers, but for their patients. A powerful administrative portal provides your staff complete transparency, clarity and efficiency across multiple locations when processing patient statements, facilitating patient payments, answering patient support inquiries, and posting payments.


Fit the Payment to the Patient for Better Results

To learn more about our unique approach, please watch our short video or contact Paul Benson directly at

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