Heartland Dental Donates Over $3.6 Million in 2015

Heartland Dental –

Effingham, IL – Heartland Dental, LLC, the largest dental support organization in the United States, provided over $3.6 million in charitable donations in 2015. This total includes free dental care, as well as other donations and sponsorships.

“Giving back has always been a pillar of Heartland Dental, both in donating to worthy causes here in the Effingham community and nationwide,” said Rick Workman, DMD, founder and active executive chairman at Heartland Dental. “I’m tremendously proud of what we were able to give back this year. The dedication of all our supported dentists and team members made it possible. I can’t wait to continue this trend into the New Year.”

Heartland Dental donated over $3.2 million in free dental care alone. This includes over $2.1 million from free dentistry events held by Heartland Dental supported offices, as well as over $930,000 from Heartland Dental supported continuing education initiatives, such as the Aesthetic Continuum. Over $390,000 was also given to various donations and sponsorships.

“Dentists attend dental school to learn the skills and knowledge that allow them to provide the gift of oral health. As dentists, that is their mission – to support the health and livelihood of the communities they serve. But in addition to every day service, there are many more opportunities for dentists to expand community involvement on a mass scale. These opportunities help them reach out to even more patients in need, showcase their commitment, build long-lasting, positive reputations and unite their teams under the same cause and mindset,” added Dr. Workman. “I’m thrilled that so many Heartland Dental supported offices are donating their time and effort to help those who do not have regular access to dental care.”