DSOs Are Promoting Global Dentistry, Volunteerism, And Philanthropy

Group Dentistry Now –

The idea of the greater good has a long yet punctuated history, teeming with diverging meanings.  How is this philosophy of collective purpose illustrated by DSOs? What would the world of philanthropic dentistry look like without DSOs?

Millions live in places where there is little or no access to care. These areas, both urban and rural, could be considered nonoptimal practice locations due to poverty and a lack of insurance, with a reliance on Medicaid. In addition to providing affordable dental care services and convenience, the emergence of DSOs is, in part, based on serving areas which are underserved. Practically speaking, many solo practitioners may not be able to enter that space. They have bills and student loans to pay off.  They may be more inclined to locate their office somewhere they live, somewhere patients have good insurance or can pay for services out of pocket.

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