ADSO Database

The ADSO and its members engage on key policy debates affecting the DSO industry.  One of the most effective means of impacting law makers is when they hear directly from their constituents.  In this case, when they hear directly from DSO-supported dentists, hygienists and staff.

ADSO Database
Download ADSO Database Template

To that end, DCI Group maintains a database of ADSO member company supported practices information.  This information is obtained and maintained by DCI Group under strict confidentiality agreements with each DSO member. To read the agreement, please click here.

The information is used to match supported practice locations with state legislative districts which, in turn, are shared back with the DSO company so you, and only you, can request your supported dentists, hygienists and staff to communicate with their representative.  Neither ADSO nor DCI Group make any direct communication with your supported dentists, hygienists or staff.  The communications you make to your supported dentists, hygienists and staff in support of our strategic objectives are vital to ADSO’s success in responding to legislative and regulatory issues. To learn more about ADSO’s advocacy activities, please visit our Grassroots page; and to see how the database has helped in previous legislative debates, please visit our State Issues page.

DCI Group recognizes the importance of keeping each member company’s proprietary data safe, secure, and segregated from other companies and ADSO.  For ease and confidentiality, we have created an email address ([email protected]) that is dedicated specifically for ADSO member companies to submit their data.  These emails go directly to the DCI Group team leaders.

While DCI Group understands that each organization captures, maintains and stores their data differently, we request that all files shared with us are formatted in a comma separate value (CSV) file format for consistency. And, where possible, please break up some commonly combined field such as first and last name, address – street number, street name, state, zip code, etc. This assists our efforts to quickly compile and analyze the data for future efforts.

We have included a downloadable template spreadsheet for guidance and that indicates which information we are aiming to collect. To access the template, please click here.