Opposing HB 815

ADSO members are leading the way in the highly dynamic and growing field of DSO supported dentistry.  As the association engages on key policy debates that affect our industry, oftentimes we know that the most important messengers will be the people in the networks of our member companies – supported dentists and other professionals.

Speaking on behalf of the industry, our voice with policymakers is amplified when leading members of the community are able to speak directly to their experiences, client base and high quality business practices.  For this reason, “grassroots” advocacy is a core component of our work and the ADSO provides materials and information here for member companies and industry partners.  It is made possible through our database, which we keep regularly updated thanks to help from our members.

Missouri Dentists Should Not Be Over-Regulated. In it’s current form, HB 815 establishes broad new power for the Missouri Dental Board. 

As written, HB 815 includes a provision extending the authority of Dental Board to regulate Dental Support Organizations or DSO’s. DSO’s provide non-clinical support services to licensed dentists, such as billing, IT support, which, in turn, enables dentists to focus on their patients.Amending language was offered to ensure the Dental Board could not regulate the non-clinical support services provided by DSO’s. This approach is supported several organizations including Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and the National Black Caucus of State Legislators (NBCSL). Given the enormous investment, jobs, capital investment, and the expanded access to dental care for Missourians, ADSO’s members and the dental practices they support deserve better. We urge Missouri lawmakers to vote against HB 815 and oppose any efforts to create
more regulations.

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