ADSO Statement on Passage of Arkansas H. R. 1250

For Immediate Release
Contact: Erin Hughes
Email: [email protected]

The Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) President Michael Bileca issued the following statement on the passage of Arkansas H.R.1250 and the state’s decision to take action in support of dental support organizations (DSOs):

“The ADSO applauds the Arkansas legislature, Governor Hutchinson, and the Arkansas State Dental Association for the bipartisan and collaborative work in unanimously passing H.R. 1250, an important step in helping ensure continued access to affordable, quality dental care for their constituents.  By adopting this bill, the state of Arkansas clearly recognizes the value DSOs provide dentists, who in turn can focus on providing their patients with quality oral healthcare. The ADSO is encouraged by the passage of H.R. 1250, and looks forward to working with leadership to continue the momentum in fostering innovation, research, and collaboration in the oral health care industry.”

About the ADSO

The Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) is a non-profit international trade association whose members support more than 13,000 dentists worldwide.  ADSO supports its members through research, education and advocacy; enabling them to foster innovation, collaboration and a vibrant market where DSO-supported dentists can provide quality oral health care.