ADSO Statement on AB 368/SB 327

AB 368/SB 327 is Unnecessary and Could Reduce Access to Dental Care

The Wisconsin legislature is considering legislation (AB 368) that would give the Wisconsin Board of Dental Examiners unchecked regulatory authority over non-dentist business entities that do not provide clinical care to patients.  The broad scope of authority provided to the dental  board by AB 368/SB 327 is inappropriate and would having a disruptive and chilling effect on dental support organizations (DSOs) that have operated in Wisconsin for more than 30 years and account for nearly 1,000 jobs.

Wisconsin does not need more burdensome and unnecessary regulation placed on businesses by a state agency designed to regulate dentists, not private businesses.

DSOs provide dentists with a choice on how they manage their dental practice by offering a wide array of administrative services, thus allowing the dentist to concentrate on the clinical practice of dentistry.  The dentist is responsible for all clinical aspects of running a dental practice, including providing dental care to patients; managing clinical staff; and the ownership and management of patient records.  The DSO manages non-clinical functions for the dentist, including accounting services; inventory management, facility maintenance, providing state of the art equipment; providing non-clinical support staff; and human resource management.

DSO’s support 131 dental practices in the State of Wisconsin that have provided dental services to more than 1 million patients over the past year, including more than 5,500 Medicaid beneficiaries.  Supported practices are often able to provide more flexible hours of operation for patients, including after hours and on weekends.  Most importantly, the services DSOs provide allow dentists to focus on their patients, which expands access to dental care for Wisconsin residents. Additional regulation is unnecessary and will only increase expenses and decrease access to affordable and convenient dental care for the state residents.

AB 368/SB 327 is a solution in search of a problem.  It will result in dentists having fewer choices in how they manage their practice and, in turn, reduce access to dental care for the people of Wisconsin.

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