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ADSO Quarterly Newsletter September 2016
Message from the President of ADSO

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and, for those of you with children, that their school year is off to a great start. Things at ADSO remain busy as we continue to engage and educate legislators and regulators about the DSO model. At the end of the day, all we can do is share our story. It is a story that needs to be told because DSO-supported practices are often able to lower patient costs while expanding consumer choice and access.

We recently welcomed four new members to the ADSO family. The new members are My Community Dental Centers, Fry Orthodontics, Kids Dental Kare, and Children’s Dental Group. Please take a moment to reach out and welcome each of them. One of the greatest benefits of ADSO membership is the opportunity to share and learn from each other, so I know they would appreciate the outreach.

As important as explaining what a DSO is and what they do (and don’t do), it’s equally important that our members do things the right way. With that in mind, I encourage everyone to complete the ADSO compliance checklist and attestation forms available on our website. Although they are not intended to serve as a substitute for state laws, nor do they guarantee you are in compliance, they’re important reminders of the need to comply with the various laws and regulations in each of the states where you operate. Our goal is for ADSO members to set the gold standard for ethics and compliance.

At our August meeting, the Board approved the creation of six networking committees to facilitate members’ opportunity to discuss issues and share experiences in areas such as information technology and human resources. These committees will provide DSO members with ongoing forums to discuss common challenges and develop best business practices to better serve supported practices. To learn more about the networking committees and to join, please contact Stacy Swanson ([email protected]).

I also want to urge members to participate in the ADSO database. We cannot compete financially with other organizations nor should we try. However, the dental practices you support are an integral part of the healthcare system where they operate. It is important for lawmakers to know the real world impact adverse policy can have, both on the dentists you support and the patients they serve. The database is key to being able to deliver that message.

Finally, you’ve probably noticed the Save-the-Date announcement for the 2017 ADSO Annual Summit, March 7-10 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Next year’s Summit will be almost 6 weeks earlier than this year’s so I encourage you to plan accordingly. An announcement on registration will be coming soon!

Interim activities continue in several key states.  ADSO members have been meeting with local legislators, educating them about the DSO model, and the distinct separation between business support functions and the clinical judgement and care only a licensed dentist can provide.    ADSO is working with local counsel in several states to respond to the disinformation about what DSOs do and don’t do.

Earlier this summer, the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission Staff Report was issued concluding that the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) “at the behest of dentist members, pursued significant rule changes more related to business practices than demonstrated public safety concerns.”  The report went on to say that “The Board persisted in this matter even in the face of pointed criticism from the Federal Trade Commission . . .”  The Federal Trade Commission had previously commented on proposed anti-DSO regulations noting that “the proposed rules appear unnecessary to address any concerns about the independent judgement of dental professionals.”  The Staff Report contained several recommendations which the legislature will consider in 2017.

At the direction of the Sunset Commission, the TSBDE established a Blue Ribbon Panel to review anesthesia-related incidents. The six-member panel, which is comprised of dentists who have conducted case reviews for the dental board, will make recommendations to the Commission by January 11, 2017. In addition to and separate from the Blue Ribbon Panel, the TSBDE’s Anesthesia Committee, which is a subgroup of the dental board, is working on possible changes to the board’s current regulations. ADSO members operating in Texas have been asked to share information with their supported dentists and encourage them to engage in these meetings to the extent they have questions or concerns.

We are just over 40 days from a national election that will cap off one of the most unusual political seasons in recent history.  While much of the attention been on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, races in the states to determine governorships, attorneys general, and the balance of power in state legislatures will have a much greater potential impact on the DSO industry.

Governors will be elected in 12 states.  Governors not only have the power to sign or veto legislation, in most states they appoint members to the state’s dental board.  ADSO works closely with political organizations to educate governors and their staff about the role of DSOs.

The election of an Attorney General will take place in 10 states.  In virtually every state, assistant AG’s staff state boards and commissions, including state dental boards.  Those staff attorneys can be the first line of defense in ensuring that dental boards do not engage in anti-competitive activities or rule-making directed at the DSO industry.  ADSO continues to educate and engage with AGs and their staffs on the DSO model and the benefits DSOs provide to licensed dentists while maintaining a bright line between business support functions and clinical care.

Of the 99 state legislative chambers in the U.S., 86 will hold elections this November.  A total of 1,210 (61%) of the country’s 1,972 state Senate seats and 4,710 (87%) of the country’s 5,411 state House seats are up for a vote.  ADSO works closely with its retained counsel in the states to educate and support candidates who recognize the benefits of DSO’s and evolution of support services, similar to the medical support services begun in the 1970s.

While much of the spotlight going into the final weeks of the elections is on the presidential candidates, it is incumbent upon all of us to identify and support state candidates who understand and support the DSO model. Be proactive, stay informed, and vote!

By Preston Baldwin and T.J. Bolger, Centerpoint360

Pacific Dental Services Foundation Partners Serves the Houston Community; Hosts Successful Smile Generation Serve Day

In June, the Pacific Dental Services Foundation, with support from Smile Generation-trusted volunteer clinicians and their dental care teams, provided free dental care to 80 Dress for Success clients in Houston. Smile Generation is a referral service that connects patients with dentists dedicated to providing an exceptional patient experience and advanced clinical care.

Dress for Success, a global non-profit organization, promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. The volunteer dental care teams set up an onsite dental clinic and treated more than 80 patients, providing nearly $60,000 in donated care.

Also in Houston, PDS partnered with Autism Speaks and others on July 26 to provide free training for dentists who treat patients with special needs. Doctors in attendance found the event useful, including Dr. Timothy Windham of League City Smiles Dentistry who said the workshop helped him to, “remember that we are not just doing more dentistry by increasing access to care amongst patients with special needs, but we are changing the lives of those patients as well as their families.”

Another attendee, Linda Gehringer, noted that “as a parent of a child with autism and a dental professional, I applaud Pacific Dental Services’ quest to educate clinicians on treating and supporting those with special needs.  Everyone deserves the opportunity to receive quality dental care, and Pacific Dental Services is making that happen by educating supported clinicians and helping to change perceptions in the dental industry.”

In a separate event, more than 490 Smile Generation-trusted dental offices served their local communities by participating in the sixth annual Smile Generation Serve Day on August 20. The clinicians and their dental care teams, which included 492 offices and over 4,100 volunteers, served 2,225 patients and provided more than $4.0 million in donated dental care.

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Great Expressions Partners on Community Events throughout the Year

For the past few years, Great Expressions has partnered with local organizations to give back to the community through its Smile Center. In 2016, Great Expressions sponsored the Detroit Winter Blast, Atlanta Dogwood Festival, Fort Worth air Power Expo, Taste of Marietta (Atlanta), Austin Pecan Festival, Fort Lauderdale Air Show, and the Virginia Highland Summerfest (Atlanta). At each festival, Great Expressions raffled off a “Smile Kit” – a basket filled with over $500 worth of oral healthcare products. Festival-goers can ask dental professionals questions about their needs, sign up for their chance to win the Smile Kit, and also sign up for dental appointments on the spot. Upcoming events for the Smile Center Team are the Jacksonville Sea and Sky Spectacular, and the Tampa Ribfest in November.

Aside from large festivals, Great Expressions is also proud to be a part of health fairs, school events, and local fairs, as well as many different charities. Great Expressions is a sponsor of several free dental clinics, including Missions of Mercy in various states, Team Smile, and more; and also participates with Feeding Children Everywhere, and has packaged over 150,000 meals for underserved children around the country.

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Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry Named Top Place to Work, Celebrates 15 Years 

Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry was recently named on the Top 50 ‘Best Places to Work’ list by the Triangle Business Journal. The company was nominated to participate in an employee survey-based process, which received enthusiastic responses from the Riccobene employees.

The Riccobene Associates team is passionate about their community involvement, such as donating to the Home for Love Children’s Home Orphanage in Petionville, Haiti, and the North Carolina Missions of Mercy, NCMOM. NCMOM is an outreach program of the North Carolina Dental Society that provides portable, free dental clinics. Riccobene Associates is proud to be the official dentist of the Carolina Railhawks. Their new office, located near the Railhawks stadium, hosts activities for The Boys & Girls Club and offers free dental care to children in need.

Congratulations Dr. Riccobene and Riccobene Associates on providing dentistry across North Carolina for 15 years!

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Forbes, 9/16/16

How One Company Helps Small Businesses Leave Small Business Behind

Eric Nuss is helping to solve this problem in the dental industry. Nuss is the Director of Henry Schein HSIC -1.04% Business Solutions and the Henry Schein Dental Business Institute. As a former sixth-grade science teacher who loved to start each day with an experiment, Nuss believes in interactive learning. So he designed the Dental Business Institute to help participants learn, and actually experience, the business side of growing a successful practice.


Fox News Health, 9/15/16

NASCAR’s Danica Patrick gets behind the wheel of dental health campaign
NASCAR driver Danica Patrick may live life in the fast lane, but that doesn’t mean she’s thrown health and wellness out the window.  In fact, the 34-year-old, who fills her Instagram with photos of homemade paleo recipes and yoga poses, is a driving force behind “Healthy Mouth Movement,” a campaign to promote dental health care with a special focus on veterans.


Group Dentistry Now, 9/8/16

DSO Fills Dental Service Needs In Colorado
Risas Dental & Braces is a growing dental support organization with roots in Arizona. It currently operates 10 offices in Arizona, with several locations in Phoenix, as well as locations in Mesa, Tempe and Glendale. A DSO member of the Association of Dental Support Organizations, they recently kicked off the grand opening of their new location in Federal Heights, Colorado, with free dental care.

READ MORE, 8/22/16

Apex Dental 4th annual Patient Appreciation Giveaway Event
Apex Dental’s 4th annual Patient Appreciation Giveaway Event is scheduled for this weekend.
Dr. Joe Maio DDS visited Fresh Living with all the details.


Group Dentistry Now, 9/27/16

Why Choose a Career Path with a Dental Support Organization? 
Career opportunities are abundant with dental support organizations.  If you are a graduating dental student, a dentist looking for a new career path, or a dental professional looking for the next challenge, a dental service organization can be a solid choice for a long term career opportunity with growth potential.


NPR, 9/12/16

A Good Dentist Is Hard to Find in Rural America
A study by the Federal Reserve found that a quarter of Americans went without dental care they needed in 2014 because they couldn’t afford it. For those in rural areas, the problem is far worse. A 2015 report by the Pew Charitable Trusts found that people in rural areas are poorer and less likely to have dental insurance than their urban counterparts.


Washington Times, 9/8/16

Fearing the Uber of dentistry
Five years ago, I started researching the delivery of children’s dental care in the growing Medicaid dental space. I discovered a pioneering, cost-effective dental health care solution called “dental support organizations,” or DSOs. […] As an economist, I was intrigued — however, as I dug deeper, I uncovered something disturbing: a coordinated effort to inhibit entrepreneurship and innovation in this critically underserved health care niche, at the expense of vulnerable children.


American Dental Association, 8/01/2016

Oral Health and Well-Being in the United States
Do adults in your state feel that the condition of their mouth and teeth affects their ability to interview for a job? Do they reduce participation in social activities or limit day-to-day activities because of poor oral health? […] Oral Health & Well-Being in the United States summarizes select data on self-reported oral health status, attitudes and dental care utilization among United States adults as of 2015 based on an innovative household survey.




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